Miere tartinabil neprihănită cu Agrișe – One Beer Later
Miere tartinabil neprihănită cu Agrișe
Miere tartinabil neprihănită cu Agrișe
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Miere tartinabil neprihănită cu Agrișe

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Primitif Foods Gourmet spreadable with Gooseberries, with a special taste and texture compared to classic honey, to which are added the properties of gooseberries. Available at 250g, perfect for spreading on bread; mixed in yogurt or milk with cereals, muesli; as a simple snack or in various recipes.


Gourmet spreadable with Gooseberries, 100% natural product without additives or preservatives contains only Thermally or chemically Rough Honey and Gooseberries.

* 100% Natural * Biologically Active (all properties are preserved)
* Fair exchange * Healthy snack to boost immunity
* From the hive on your table * No added sugar
* Post-workout nutrition * Premium quality
* Raw Honey * Superfoods


100% Natural and Righteous
A simple mix between Cream Honey and Gooseberries, without additives, preservatives or dyes. Honey from Primitiv Foods is a non-heat treated honey. A raw honey or as we like to call it righteous. For honey to contain all its nutrients, it must be preserved in its purest form. It must not be overheated or filtered.

Raw honey is one of the most nutritious ingredients. Numerous studies have shown the beneficial effects of consuming at least one teaspoon of honey a day.
Gooseberries are composed of citric acids, malic (ideal for acidifying urine) and tartaric, cellulose (recognized for regulating the intestinal tract), calcium, iron, phosphorus, pectins, potassium, sodium, fats, sugars and vitamins A, B1, B2 , C, P. Gooseberries also contain many mineral salts and iodine.
Gooseberries help increase immunity, being rich in vitamin C (gooseberries contain 20 times more vitamin C than oranges).

How to use it?
Perfect snack for breakfast, a healthy dessert during the day after exercise. Easy to spread on bread or biscuits, to mix in milk with cereals or mueslli, in yogurt or smoothie, served on fruits such as banana, strawberry. Wafers or pancakes get a new life with this mix. Or why not eat straight from the jar.

Cream Honey from Primitv Foods contains rapeseed honey and acacia honey. Because we cannot control the instinct to pick and pollinate bees, we can still feel notes of tree flowers or hay. Which gives our honey a special taste. Gooseberries come to complete this delicacy by offering a sweet and sour taste that is sure to delight your taste buds.

Premium quality
We produce in small batches, the processing of our products is done with great care away from mass production techniques. This way we manage to offer you a product with a premium quality. Each jar from Primitiv Foods is tested separately when we apply the last details, seal and label, details that can only be done manually.

Fair exchange
Receive a product packed with love and care in a sanitary-veterinary authorized enclosure, authorization number H80. We are organized in the form of a company so when you buy from us supported small local producers in Romania and implicitly the national economy.

Who are we?

We are Cristina and Mihai. We were both born in quiet places, where nature is just a step away, that is, fixed behind the house. However, we also tried to give a chance to the big city, where we lived for a few years, but it didn't catch on to us. So, after we got tired of the crowds and the polluted air, we returned to Valea Buzăului. We came back home. And so, out of the silence at home, Primitiv Foods appeared. We were thinking about what we could get out of our hands: a clean, fair product that would bring a little peace to the people of the city. A product that proudly represents the Buzău Valley.

Storage: at room temperature
Shelf life: 2 years

We like to think that this is the best honey you have ever tasted. Spread the sweetnes!